New Valentine’s Day Items!

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At The Blue Coop Leather Co. we’re always working on new products for the future!  We usually have 5-10 items in a constant state of R & D where we’re trying to work out any kinks before they go live. Sometimes they don’t make the cut and they get axed altogether.  

This year we’re not only working on new products but we’re also working with new leather sources.  We have begun working with ‘vegetable tanned’ leathers which is a curing/tanning process that doesn’t use harsh chemicals.  It’s an age old method of preparing leathers and it’s also an environmentally friendly method as well!  

Check out the newest leather that we are working with! It’s a rich and beautiful red leather.  We are using it for a ‘Special Edition’ Valentine’s Day product! 

We hope you love it as much as we do!


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